A walk down the memory lane


Daphine Vicky Ekinamushabire, Author.

Walk down the memory lane

I bloomed like a flower in spring though more bashful than before

On lookers knew I would be a beautiful young girl.

Mother longed for the days her two tiny dolls would turn to full grown women

Last night as I looked at my elder sister with her palmed hair a contrast to the clean shaven of our childhood, I would not help but take a walk down our memory lane.

Me, who once was tall and ‘boyish’ now all prim and proper like an English maiden and her all fair and light as an English rose.

I, who once staggered without rhythm, now sway gracefully and carefully like a ballerina,

Smooth and elegant, the stagger has turned balletic.

I have acquired some of the elegance and politeness of a lady over time no longer hasty and banal.

Watched my flowers bloom into lovely and attractive features. Time flies, I have thought many a time however, it has not withered the maiden’s playful nature.

The memories run on like leaves being chased by the wind however lavish.

 I won’t because too many walks down the memory lane make one miss more of the here and there.

Poem: He has made me glad


Daphine Vicky Ekinamushabire, a part-time poet.

Today I would have loved:
To smell the the flowers
To dance under the stars
To smile as bright as the sun.

However, I said all the words I should have said
Smiled wildly because I slightly hurt
But I was reminded that I have only today to call my own
That all tomorrow’s cares are for The Lord.

So as the sun sets,
I will smell the flowers and sniff all the scents that the wind blows to me
I will dance under the dark night to the sweet melodies of the of the birds as they bid farewell to day light
I will watch the moon and stars in their glory as they beautifully adorn the dark skies
I will reflect the joy on every little child’s face
I will live because He has made me glad.


My 40’s: A spec into the future


The Author reading one of her Classic Romance Novels during her free time. TTMPHOTO/ALEX TAREMWA

The Author reading one of her Classic Romance Novels during her free time. TTMPHOTO/ALEX TAREMWA

By Daphne Vicky

Lately I love to dream; but not at night some of those late night dreams are dreadful. Anyway I love to day dream and do what all youth my age love to do “build castles in the air” so as I go about my daily activities which involve cleaning/washing the dishes since we can’t afford a dish washer and please don’t laugh or flown at this because this is Uganda and that’s typical for humble homes ofcourse a polite name for poor homes but that’s a another issue all together.

In addition I clean the house and in the course of all these I let my mind run off mansions, PHD, scripting name it. Since my imagination is becoming wilder by the day, am breaking some rules as far as building castles is concerned. I to have no idea how forbidden this territory is as long as it’s not as scary as the Flying Dutch Man I will let my feet peddle a bit.

Episode 1:

Mind: At 40 (that’s my imaginative mind)                          

Me: Shut stop will you? How many times will I have to clear you off that course beside how sure are you that The Lord will

Mind: yo’ not Him

Me: now you even have the audacity to cut me off Oh!! Lord:

However since my mind has a mind of its own, (don’t worry I also wonder how that is possible) I let it peddle a bit. True the waters are cold; pretty cold because like every other youth I do not want to think negative only big castles are built, so at 40 am convinced to peep and sure the view is nothing but lovely. Let me tell you what I see:

Four lovely children running around and who would not want to be a mother so my second foot is next. It gets rosy because there is one almost my age however the temptation is too much and I want to see if am still lovely, which husband and oh my that’s when it hits home am in dangerous territory so let’s face it ladies.

At 40 the ones career driven shall definitely have good jobs I mean good jobs but most probably no husband or broken homes but I will be married that’s for sure, added more weight than I would need do not give me that look please don’t because even when one hits the gym like crazy old age is no darling it hits back like a wounded lion after a tear filled apology so….that’s not going to work for me.

At 40 I shall be less attractive, and what are you saying believe me the makeup ages the looks faster than the HIV virus gets transmitted so am going slow on it and oh with children and the frustration that comes with raising them no chance but I will try since I know what’s in store unlike most of us who will have lost a lot of that youthful charm that used to turn heads when employed and do not ask me why because this is painful to admit and it’s been hard coming to terms with it ahh but I will survive

At 40 the slim waist that some of my friends envy will be no more and I will join my mother’s club (though I hope mine won’t be too big because… no I am not going to think about it) and worst of all no man will be paying me compliments any more, please don’t argue because already the compliments have reduced when am in my 20’s what about the 40’s. Ladies on this issue, am scared truly because how will I be able be to survive, at least promise me you will be there because my male friends will be scared of the Mr.’s wrath.

My dress code will change because being a wife and mother, I will not have the liberty to show a little of what my mama gave me (that’s if it’s still there it self) so let’s just say a little of what was. In those days I will find myself a good African attire store with a good tailor so as to transform my looks…. Watch that space.

However I hope my legs will still look good that’s a secret wish so do not mention it. I have many things to hope for at 40 like holding hands with my children’s father during a Sunday service and laughing at the jokes made by the preacher that’s if he has a sense of humor but never the less I will keep dreaming like all young people despite what I know about my 40’s.