Talent, passion for art saved Kisitu from the unemployment syndrome

The Transparent Magazine

John Kisitu stands in admiration of his art pieces inside his workshop PHOTO BY ALEX TAREMWAKisitu in his workshop in Mbarara. TTM Files/2012


Through his early childhood ,  John Kisitu, 26, used clay to mold different sculptures as his imagination would serve. It wasn’t until secondary  that he actually realised how good he was at Fine Art often from complements of his classmates and teachers.

“I always got into school competitions and different exhibitions that gave me a true picture of what talent and art are and how I could exploit them,” he said.

Upon completion of secondary school, Kisitu had to convince his parents beyond reasonable doubt that Fine Art was what he wanted to pursue at university against their own perception that he should do a Bachelors in Business Administration. After several attempts to change his mind hit a snag, he was allowed to do  Industrial Fine Art and Design at Kyambogo University where he majored in Fabric Decorations.

While at University, Kisitu started an…

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