Our Rwenzori; MY Experience Part 2

Phionah Katushabe

By Phionah Katushabe

Baptism – awkward!!!!!!!!

uga-2016-rwenzori_048 The writer and Otti at Margherita peak

We are still at Bujuku camp. Remember the place where I almost developed one of the symptoms of altitude sickness? Well, prior to that, some of the Boys decide to baptise me with a new name – that I have obviously not asked for. The short of the very long story is – we are at the table trying to keep warm by drinking tea and sharing light conversations. All of a sudden one of the Boys decides to shower me with words of encouragement for the far I have come and for conquering the day’s bog. Others join in. I brush them aside with; ‘come on guys, did you think I wasn’t serious about this hike? I have come this far and I am going all the way.” And then booooom! “That’s the spirit James. Jamo,”…

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