UCU alumna changes souls through music

The Standard UCU

10685379_876445212419606_8298043114900743390_n BY ALEX TAREMWA 

Faith Hope Ghandi’s started her journey of integrating faith into music way back in her Primary One. When asked when this was, the artist is shy to reveal the following story behind her age:

While registering for her Primary Seven exams at Good Shepherd Primary School in Kampala, she wasn’t sure how old she was. Her mother, an educationist, was far away at the time. So Ghandi approached her aunt who told her that she was born in 1989.

When Ghandi returned from school after the Primary Leaving Examinations (PLE), she asked her mother how old she was, only to learn that she was actually three years younger than she had been led to believe.

“Mummy told me that I was born in 1992 but since 1989 was already on my file, I couldn’t change it and that is one thing that has haunted me for…

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