As the years roll by, my understanding and therefore my expectations, hence my experience with Christmas has evolved almost as much as mankind.


In my years of life just before five, I had no idea what this year-long anticipation for a one Christmas meant. Or let’s just say, I only had skewed focus-on my parents and siblings, the cookies, milk, sweets, cake, name it.

As the years between six and a dozen rolled, basically through primary school, Christmas took a different twist, or at least this time I was aware of a few more things about life like birthdays, anniversaries, holidays and Christmas, the crowning festive season of the year.

Once we were done with our end of year examinations, by end of the month of November, next on our agenda as a family was Christmas. Then, that simply meant balloons-in all shapes, colors and sizes, enjoying mother’s sumptuous snack of grasshoppers, locally called ‘nsenene’, cleaning up the home, new clothes and shoes for the d-day, travelling to the ‘villlage’, decorating a large, green, pine tree propped by stones in a paper wrapped bucket, and of course a lot of eating.

When I joined secondary school, it was not about new clothes anymore. It was about being on holiday, spending time with family, connecting with my church fellowship members and being involved in the Annual Christmas production that we showcased every Christmas Eve at my church.

Fast forward to today, I am writing this on the 23rd of December, I have not bought new clothes for Christmas, no balloons either. I have not yet even tasted nsenene to this point. I am looking forward to a different Christmas- a Christmas that is all about Christ because I now understand that Jesus is the reason for the Christmas season. Better yet, I appreciate that if Jesus Christ was taken out of the picture, there is no Christmas.

I look forward to spending time with my family, singing songs of praise unto the new born king, celebrating God’s indescribable gift of a wonderful savior, and sharing the love of Christ.

Yes, we shall have a wonderful Christmas meal, and we have already decorated the Christmas tree and the Christmas lights are illuminating the living room, but now I understand the real meaning of this year-long anticipated Christmas holiday.

Christmas is all about Christ. It is all about God’s gift and goodness unto us. It all about God’s love. With this, I am set to productively enjoy this one day in this season. The year- long anticipation is worth it, but it does not have to be all year-long anymore, I will celebrate Christmas every day. I will celebrate God’s love and goodness daily because He lavishes it on me daily.

A Joyous New Year 2016


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