Trends: Taking you back in time….to the 80s

South African reggae singer Lucky Dube performs

South African reggae singer Lucky Dube performs.

By Arthur Wadero

The face time has through makes quite a story, the change it has observed occur, the people who shake the trees, those time has fazed out and their predecessors hold best juxtapositions between the times.

Looking back, I see the days when bell-bottoms trousers used to rock as the must have trousers for the cool guy complemented by a super Afro hair style. And definitely the ladies came in handy with their super loose dresses, all of which defined the outfit for one to the happening event. Today fashion is claimed to beckon body hugging dresses and extra slim pieces of trousers as the thing for men.

Back in the day we saw those with a television screen stand tall. Mind you, these TVs were only black and white but it meant a fortune as only a handful owned one to watch Lucky Dube. These were the times when the talk of music was clearly defined and a simple spark about music would differently ignite constructive and persistently intriguing jazz about it generally.

Michael Jackson and Michael Bolton had appreciated the treat of music. This happened as Peter Tosh and Bob Marley through the Wailers did their thing in the streets of Kingston, Jamaica to lift the face of reggae that many simply mention today.

One only accessed these songs only after purchasing of the entire album/record cased in a cassette tape for audio and video tape, of course if you had the video deck player or a record player many tend to confuse as gramophones. Here you had the chance to watch the likes of Umukomboti star, Yvone Chaka Chaka and Kanda Bongo man plus Yondo Sisters.

This is what what defined the world of adults as they sipped on their either Bell beer, Chairman ESB or obviously malwa/ajono/tonto depending on their cultures they hailed from.

For the kids, John Rambo (Sylvester Stallone) and Commando (Arnold) meant the world to them, of course for those who did watch right from their childhood, save for those who rose through the times of Power Rangers on WBS TV and Robocop on TV Africa then. Those were then, things were specific. And children knew that anyone older than them deserved respect.

And the parents then would feel the value that came with money they earned. It did reap big for them. Children walked through school, land was secured and food was availed all with a month’s salary. It was that substantial and meaningful to them.

Gone are the days when you would stand before a school boy and he would ease make mention of the ministers that the cabinet comprised of. It had happened then unlike today where the number of ministers and rate of change make it different for the children for get along with.

This is so because a lot has transpired between then and now. Birthdays were not any close on the lips of many like it is today. We now live to witness children tag too much on the notion of birthday parties even though little is known to them about it on the whole. It is at this stage that the present trends come to life.

Trends like selfies will manifest with extreme ease today. Of course with most appreciation owed to the Smart phones that make everything possible. Now people take photos and they instantly come through in a space of a micro second. It is that easy. Things have changed that much and that fast. It is far different from what the four weeks we had to endure just to see the outcomes of the photos we would take during Easter and Christmas. It is definitely that you have advanced in age and most definitely appreciated time.

Stay healthy to sustain your life and I will tell you what will have happened forty years from now.


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