By Ruth Kobusinge Blessings

Working hard for something you do not care about is called stress; working hard for something you love is passion.

-Simon Sinek-

This morning I sat at the back of a fast moving Pajero land cruiser number plated UAA. I could not help but notice the amount of dust that had collected on the floor of this vehicle due to its hard work ferrying people and supplies to and fro Isingiro, month in month out, swiftly soaring on the bumpy, dusty roads of the matooke capital Isingiro.

As we hit the first hump, headed to the field (read Isingiro), the dust rose and I sneezed almost by default and that was quite irritating. I chose to ignore that since I had no other option but to bear the ride. I sat quietly as we proceeded and later caught myself thinking about the work I do that I have been actively doing since June 2015.

Without doubt, there are lots of things I love about my work and here I’ll share with you my top five;

  1. The opportunity to do what I love to; serve

I love what I do. I love Nutrition. I love education. I am passionate about seeing people healthy as they use the locally available foods, within their means to attain a good nutritional health status. This job gives me the opportunity to do the above and so much more.

Every opportunity to educate a mother best child care practices is golden and as I observe the smile on a healthy child’s face, I catch myself smiling. One amazing thing is that there is always something new to learn. It’s either a new word in the local dialect or a new variety of a local food or better still meeting new people and making new friends.

What could be better! I love the opportunity of making a difference, one person at a time.

2. The beauty of spending my day with wonderful people.

I really count myself blessed to work with such lovely people. Sometimes I wonder if my team is a humor club because every one of us has got something hilarious to share once we are together. One memorable moment was seeing my supervisor, a medical doctor, and three other colleagues peeping through the keyhole at my house in honor of a surprise birthday party for my recent birthday.

I was moved to tears by their sweet, kind and thoughtful gesture. Every opportunity to be with these guys, whether for official work or a social gathering outside office is worth looking forward to.

3. The travelling

If you asked me one thing I love doing, I would confidently say, travelling, and more specifically road trips. My kind of work in the community treats me to more road trips than I could ask for. A good week offers me at least four road trips to and fro Isingiro all the while enjoying the beautiful scenery of the rolling hills and endless green matooke plantations.

Sometimes, it is pretty tiring especially after a good days’ work, but still worthwhile. It is on such days that I opt to take a nap on the way back to Mbarara. Don’t ask me how I manage to sleep off on a dusty, bumpy road. It is called acclimatization.

There is no room for boredom with such travels as opposed to having a white collar job and spending my working hours interacting with a computer. Interestingly, even after a whole year of travelling on these winding roads, only comparable to rollercoaster tracks, I still can’t tell which is which as all roads here look the same, and are surrounded by large matooke plantations.

Welcome to the Matooke Republic Uganda! Welcome to the capital of the Matooke Republic, Isingiro!

4. The Daily Adventure and Sight Seeing

I can’t trade this daily adventure for anything!

Isingiro is a lovely district in the Western part of Uganda, the pearl of Africa. The rolling hills, the bottomless valleys, the winding roads, the green matooke covered hillsides, the thousands of trees covering the hills, the bright yellow blossoms, the purple flowers covering the potato gardens, the list is endless.

Some working days are like picnics on the hillsides as I admire the valleyed covered by shrubs. A number of days are accentuated by a hot afternoon meal of mashed green bananas, maize bread, commonly known as posho and goat’s meat at Nalongo’s restaurant.

 For me, work is not just work, it is an enjoyable adventure, all week through

5. The Rewards

I did not write money. I had to look for a better word-money is belittling in a way. No doubt, money is very important and it is a good reward for good work, but there is so much more out of this work. I get a decent pay and I am happy with what I do.

A saying goes, ’Love what you do, do it with passion. Work hard and never give up. Money and Happiness will find you. The opportunity to attain a world class experience, exposure to a multi-cultural working environment, an opportunity to build my network, thus my net worth (quoting Elon Kay; “Your network is your net worth,”) experiencing daily life changing challenges and lessons as I go about my work.

Class is everywhere and everyone is a teacher, everything is a learning aid. Did I mention that I love the waffles (read Wi-Fi) at office. My ingenuity has been tickled by simple, yet challenging discussions I have had with colleagues over a cup of nice coffee in the office kitchenette.

What can I say, I surely have more than enough reason to wake up every day, with enthusiasm, prepare for work with thanks giving and go about my day giving my best to all I do to the glory of my Creator that has given me the privilege of being a coworker with Him.


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