Poetry: Life Chronicles.

Bearing a difficulty or two may diminish your viewpoint and the style of life one lives however you need to remain yourself, focused and determined to stride to the top of the bumpy mountain. The reason behind this is because you are meant to be a victor. There is no time when God gives you a mission too big for you not to handle without showing you its feeble point.

Life is as tricky as the world its self and the earth with their enormous depressions here and there. Ages are not built but lived and likewise success is not received as manner but built each moment a dream is put into a zealous and realistic experience. Therefore be your real self and labour towards motivating your soul with immense recompense of your sweat, through correcting your faults and building vehement walls of the community around you.

Words and thoughts will never push you farther but with the fanaticism to achieve and practicability of your dreams unveils the fruits at your destination in life. A man that sees no challenge in life has predominantly premature brains to sort bad from good or even retain his simple success. We ought to receive challenges with joy and plan a way through than pilling them under our pillows even by never assuming that they exist. Begin working on a challenge before it works on you because it knows where to faucet. Easily achieved benefits shall always be short lived because they do not teach us a lot on how we have gained them, how we can gain more and uphold the little.

This is a vital reason as to why prosperity does not come on a golden shield. People need not be given but be taught how to get the grain and to embrace any opportunity that comes their way. Avoid stress by hard work and be realistic in life, fine dream big, start small and act quickly is enough for a better head. I will never stop thinking to better this best that I now own. Life is an endless journey with numerous junctions one after the other and how you choose a new route at the junctions, sources pain in your heart or shadows it for good. Keep it a simple life and don’t mind about living partially like I do, remember that is just me.

Roggers Akanyijuka


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