How Much More? 

It all starts with an evening walk on a cool Wednesday evening. Oh how I love walks! I am never too tired for a walk.

How much more?

Of course there are all sorts of things on this road. A drunken middle aged man, seemingly having a conversation with a friend, who actually is Nobody, a stray dog waging its tail, probably looking for a friend, a dark skinned gentleman with a backpack, perhaps he is from work, three young boys by the roadside, counting every vehicle that passes, all the while shouting, ’Mine! Mine! Mine!’ and, needless to say, dust, especially that it has not rained, or even drizzled in the last few days.

One thing catches my eye, a beautiful –I mean a really beautiful orange-petaled flower, gracefully seated amongst five green sepals, pedestaled on a long green stem. It stood out amidst the green shrubs and tall elephant grasses at the turn of the road. I part the grass and shrub and gently pick this beauty, doing my best not to harm her. I hold her in my hands, stare at her in admiration, and a bit jealousy. I go on walking-at least I have a new walk mate☺.

As we walk on, I am reminded of the scripture in Matt.6:28 about the lilies that our father dresses, such that King Solomon, in all his splendor was not arrayed like any of them. Yet they are here today and thrown in the fire tomorrow. And he tells me not to worry, because He takes care of me. I ponder, ‘How much more!’

At that very instant, I am reminded of Psalm 139, one of my favorites in this greatest love letter ever written-the Bible. Straight to Verses 13 through 17, how He intricately knit me in my mother’s womb, how his eyes saw my unformed body, how He created me fearfully and wonderfully. ‘How Much More!’

My mind runs to Luke 12:7, a sweet reminder that He knows the number of hairs on my head, am so much more valuable than a multitude of sparrows! I imagine that when one hair falls out, my Father says,’ Hair No. 13785 has fallen out, we’ve got to replace it lest it Princess Ruthie goes bald.’ ☺

As I reflectively churned these thoughts in my mind, I found myself thinking out loud, ‘How Much More!’

As I entered my place of abode, I was a different lady. I had a big smile on my face which was a simple expression of the joy in my heart, my mind was renewed with the reminder that God, our Father, the King of Kings, The Alpha and Omega, the creator of Heaven and Earth, He that upholds the sky, yet still, my best of friends loves me that much and cares about me more than I can ever imagine. I still exclaim, ‘How Much More!’


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