My mother has asked me to contribute some money to invest in an agricultural venture only that this time it is much higher than she usually requests for. I am eager to find out the details of this particular project. What better way to know than ask the project designer-my highly ingenious mother.

I am astonished as she modestly narrates how she has acquired a piece of land in the middle of the ocean bordering with Africa to the South, yes the Atlantic Ocean. She takes me on a tour there. She is showing me how she plants 5 seeds of a certain plant in a single hole; one tree grows above the ground and 5 tubers underground. Clearly, I do not know the name of the ‘crop’, all I thought was it must be worth a fortune. I could tell from the way she complicatedly described every little bit of the undertaking.

As we go on to chat, there is a knock on the gate of our home back in Fort Portal. Mind you, it is in the middle of the night. Unsure of the midnight guest, we hesitate to respond. We eventually decide that my mother would go open the gate, armed with a hoe for protection, just in case the visitor proves stubborn.

Meanwhile, I look up in the sky and what do I see, a photo frame with the colors of the rainbow, very creatively combined to make this masterpiece. I am doing my best to focus my face to fit. Of course, am wearing my best smile of all time, so my selfie comes out just perfect! All the while, I am exclaiming, ’This is the best photo frame ever!’ I am amazed to see my nurse friend, Diana walking from the gate, towards me.

She is all smiles, very happy to see me, I guess. I pull her close to showcase her pretty smile and pose for this selfie in the sky. We smile, our very best and focus ourselves to fit the frame.

I stretch my left hand towards the ground as though to press the space bar of a laptop as it usually functions as the ‘capture’ button but I realize it makes no sense. Then I think of touching somewhere on the wall behind us, but it seems a little senseless too. So I stretch my right hand towards the sky as believing that the capture button is right there, just below the photo framed selfie. As I am almost pressing the button, my housemate shakes me out of my sleep to go and turn off the main switch as the electricity was sparking somewhere outside the apartment. I jump out bed, exclaiming ‘What a dream! What a lovely photo frame!

I did not get to see the final selfies, but it really looked great, I remember it looked really splendid! But it was all, but a dream at 0335hours.


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