Thinking back 10years ago, how time flies!

By Ruth Kobusinge Blessing

The year was 2005 and I was in my senior two in MaryHill High School. That should ring a bell in your ears because that class is the most interesting class in secondary school, I hope you agree with me, probably it is the peak of adolescence for most of us.

First day of the first term, I went to school, with my metallic suitcase for my books and ‘grab’ and a small bag for my clothes. Of course I was very excited to no longer be called ‘engata’ as the senior ones were referred to as-I virtually felt on top of the world! I was excited to learn that I was not going to study some subjects like typewriting and needlework (which is currently a hobby), and yes, I would move to an upper block in the school.

So full of energy, I had big dreams, like being among the top three in my class so I could be recognized at the end of term Assembly-well despite the hard work, determination and very serious prayer, this did not happen until my senior three.

I also had this goal of growing in my spiritual, life, in my relationship with God. Mind you at this point it was not really about building this relationship but rather improving on how much I could do for God, and not forgetting how impressive I would be to my peers.

In class, I decided to take up the back seat in the middle row because one, I had a very good seatmate, two, it was strategic especially for the dozing sessions in the boring lessons and anyway I was among the tallest girls in the so I thought I would obstruct my fellows from seeing the blackboard if I took up a front seat. The other interesting reason why I sat at that very spot is the cool girls, I mean those from Kampala were to be my neighbours. I thought that by regularly being close to them , borrowing pens and responding to their not so intelligent questions and listening to their stories I would get some ‘coolness’. Well, it never worked as well!

With this great desire to serve God, I told Him, I would join the church choir and by the end of the year, I ought to be a leader in the church and a member of the Scripture Union Choir-the one that had the saved beautiful girls with angelic voices, plus they always got first priority when it came to SU conferences in the neighboring boys’ schools as they would minister in songs. How interesting!

Well none of the above came to pass, even in in my entire secondary life and I got to accept I as that and of course learnt some profound lessons from God.

And then the letters from the boys schools were something we looked forward to every day especially when one’s name would be read on the morning parade on the incoming mail list. Of course some would be from number mates we had never met and we were simply looking forward to meeting them someday when they would be brave enough to sneak into our school on a visiting day, pocketing a few Kenafric sweets for their dates. Unfortunately, some would be denied the chance to get in, so they would have to wait and attach themselves to a parent X, and come in disguising as brother to girl X. I think that was smart of them.

My love for spectacles was at the peak, we called them ‘spects’ then. Of course some people had real eye defects, but others forged long the defects so they could get a pair to look cool and sophisticated to the peers outside school. I tried my luck at this but my lie did not work.

Then I dreamt dreams, in class and in bed, day and night! I dreamt about being a ‘campuser’, graduation day holidays in Hawaii and Dubai, the I deal gentleman and proposal, what life would be like in 10 years when we would be long out of school and working, getting engaged, jobs and careers, ideal husband and wedding, the awesome children, and the list goes on. We had no clear idea what 10 years later would bring.

And now, 10 years later, here I am. A nutritionist and Dietician, working on an international project, earning some good money and staying in a modest house. I do not wear ‘spects’, I still follow the ‘cool’ girls to know how their cool lives are going-it is nice to identify with them especially when they share the cool things happening in their world. In my free time, I do DIYs- am crazy about these especially the creative crocheting. I engage in the youth ministry at my local church, and in some secondary schools around where I stay. It is always a joy to share the love of Chris with these lovelies-that is how I serve God on top of my lifestyle. I sing every time-in my bedroom, in the bathroom, at work, as I walk-I sing everywhere. Interestingly, I am not part of any choir- I go solo 🙂 I dream, dream and dream. I love dreaming. I love dreaming big!

This is 2015, my 10 years later, I am living it!

Email Author: ruthkobu@gmail.com


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