Why are UCU Alumni Shunning their Association?

My Co-Uganda Christian University Alumni. This is dedicated to you.


On 29th October, 2010, I graduated from Uganda Christian University after a four-year stint pursuing a Bachelor of Laws Degree. One of the pre-graduation requirements was mandatory subscription to the University Alumni Association. I was excited! I saw prospects of keeping in touch with classmates, networking with other alumni, and who knows; those connections could easily land me the much-needed job at the time. Sadly, this was my last interaction with the Association—registration!

Grad Photos

A photo grid of my class graduation in 2010(PHOTO: Onyait Odeke)

Four years later, I am clueless of what the Association is doing. I hear stories of poorly-attended meetings where elections to the Executive Committee were held. Dead silence follows. Another election. Then dead silence… The vicious cycle of inactivity continues.

This brings me to my first observation—the insufficient communication approach used by those in charge of this entity. A number of colleagues I have interacted with on this matter corroborate my view.

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