HEALTH: How to get rid of Dead Skin


By Alex Taremwa

According to The Boston Globe, 30,000-40,000 skin cells fall off you per minute, and on average 8.8 pounds of dead skin cells fall off your body per year.

Your body sheds dead skin cells on a constant basis. A good example is your feet, legs. If your skin is dry, you’ll actually see flaky skin cells that are easy brush off; those are dead skin cells.

The good news is dead skin can be prevented, cleared and avoided and in this article, Dr. Grace Kamwebaze; a skin expert at the Mbarara Regional Referral Hospital Skin Clinic explains steps through which this can be achieved in reference to an internet article titled “How to get rid of Dead Skin.”

These 8 steps elaborate the application, items and mechanisms through which an affected undergoes in order to get rid of the slow but considerably sure illness. They include:

Keep a bottle of hand lotion at each of your kitchen and bathroom sinks and apply after each wash. This helps to keep your skin moist at all times thereby impossible to break or tear.

“Our hands tend to be one of the most exposed parts of our bodies, and they deserve protection,” Grace explains. The doctor maintains that people should wear gloves in cold weather, especially if they engage in outdoor activities such as jogging or biking.

For chapped lips, use Chap Stick, Vaseline or lip balm. Again, dry lips are most common in the cold weather. You may wish to apply Vaseline before you go outside.

Note: It is commonly believed that lip balms are addictive. While habitual use of Chap Stick does not lead to physical dependency, because lips are generally very sensitive parts of our bodies, lip balms can be psychologically addictive.

When bathing; endeavour to swap the scrub brush for a wash cloth. Soft wash clothes can be just as cleansing, and are a lot easier on your skin. In addition, excessively hot water, though perhaps relaxing, strips away essential oils from your skin. Always keep your water temperature reasonable.

“When Shaving, shave down, not up; in other words, shave in the direction of your hair, not against it. Use shaving gel with natural moisturizers such as aloe, rather than those that contain alcohol,” he added.

Other recommended remedies can home basic and nutritious in nature. They are easy to access and less costly. These are:Image

Olive oil:  applying a thin layer of olive oil under your moisturizer can adjust the extra touch of fats and protective amino acids that you need. Honey also keeps the libs soft and smooth. In that case, apply a light layer of honey to your lips before you go to sleep. Honey can also be used to help heal cracked elbows and rough heels as well.

Sugar and oil: Combine equal parts brown sugar and any household oil for a highly economical, highly effective skin scrub. Add a tablespoon of honey and a few drops of lemon for extra nutrients. Smear the solution to the affected area often times and within a short while, you will have started noticing results.

 “Most people grow Aloe (Rukaka) in their homesteads.” So purchase an Aloe cactus, and place it where it will get plenty of sun. Break open a leaf once a week, and apply a layer of sap to your skin for 15 to 30 minutes.

 When it comes to foods, Yogurt, papaya and pumpkin do it best. Like many other items in your typical dairy and produce aisles, yogurt, papaya and pumpkin can be highly effective exfoliants when mixed with a few key ingredients, and applied to your face or body as a mask.

“Remember, you are what you eat, so eat right. A diet rich in vitamin C, Magnesium, essential fatty acids and beta-carotene will help supply your skin with the bodily defences it needs,” Grace emphasised. Always employ a meal plan that includes dark chocolate, fatty fish, carrots, and fruits such as mangoes and oranges.






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