Airtel launches regional premium shop in Mbarara

ImageBy Alex Taremwa

Airtel Uganda Thursday launched a new premium service center for its high value customers in Mbarara and the entire Western region.

Following its merger with Warid early this year, Airtel is trying hard to satisfy its new family of customers with more robust, accessible and quality service allowing the 7.2 million subscribers get the best business solutions.

In a statement from the Airtel Managing Director, Mr. VG Somasekar that was read out by his representative Michael Walekya, the new Airtel stores are about guiding customers and connecting with local communities.

As a company, Airtel tries to move away from one-size-fits-all approach to telecommunications looking for more opportunities to provide the most efficient services and products in the most efficient way possible, the statement read.

Present at the ribbon cutting was the Mayor for Mbarara Municipality His Worship Wilson Tumwiine, the Deputy Regional Police Commander Rwizi Region Geoffrey Makyeme and the representative for the Airtel’s Managing Director Mr. Michael Walekya.

Through the premium shops, Airtel wishes to cater for its customers by offering the latest mobile phones, tablets and services like the bulk Airtel Money services.

Speaking at the launch, the Mayor Mbarara Municipality who also was the guest of honour applauded the professional manner that Airtel is working hard to expand its boundaries adding that a shop like this will have saved people from the present con-artists who disguise themselves as service providers.

“I hear people asking why we banned mobile money service providers operating in wooden kiosks. Those people were mostly unreliable and were inconsistent. The fellow claims to have deposited your money but when you call the recipient party to ask if the money has been received, the news are negative and when you return to where you sent the money from, the kiosk is nowhere, he explained.

He called upon Airtel customers to embrace the opportunity for a quick, easy and dedicated service at the new premises. The Premium shop is said to be the first to offer one on one customer consultations with employees and staff all at the convenience of the customers.

Similar shops have been launched in Bugolobi- Kampala, Mbarara and Fort Portal respectively.



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