Namara Amelia; Uganda’s Malala


The future I wish to create for myself and the world: 

I am called Namara Amelia aged 17 and I would wish to create a peaceful future both for the whole world and myself. A world that is promising to accommodate different shades of opinions in politics, social economic transformation and religious freedoms.

I would want to succeed in my studies and be able to serve mankind at any level where I can make an impact.

Create a world through advocacy, activism and employment to see justice and democracy being practiced and respected. Where there is political instability especially in my country Uganda stability should come. At the moment there is instability. People who are opposed to the ruling party are not allowed to exercise their political and other civil liberties. They are not allowed to demonstrate, instead when they attempt to demonstrate they are tear gassed.

I feel the citizens should be given space to exercise their rights without any hindrance.

Governments should be held accountable to their people like giving them basic services like safe water, public and quality medical care, universal meaningful education, real emancipation of women and girl child.

I would want people to be governed in a democratic way, where they elect their leaders and those leaders work for their people not their interests.

I would want women to be allowed and encouraged to participate in politics and decision making of public affairs and their own affairs in all countries. What is happening in the Arab world like in Saudi Arabia where women are not supposed to work, drive cars but to remain at home should stop.

A world where there is equality among societies, different tribes, races and countries working together.

I would want a world where freedom of speech is respected and practiced, where women’s views are respected and defended by the state and other stakeholders without any fear of being under looked.

On religion I would want people of this world to be allowed to freely choose religion. People be allowed to join faiths of their choice without persecution like changing from Christianity to Islam and vice versa.

It is very difficult to change from Islam to Christianity without invoking the wrath of the Islamic clerics who at time go as far as killing those that have changed.

I would want to see a violence free country, where we do not get innocent people of particular belief or race being persecuted and killed like what is happening in Somalia where the Al shabab are killing their own people in the name of Islam, in Nigeria where Christian churches have become killing grounds for the Islamic militants of Boko Haram.

My dream is to become a professional lawyer and see justice done for all citizens. I want the judicial system to be seen working other than paying lip service to the citizenry because in many judicial systems the rich end up buying justice, while the poor who cannot afford end up losing. This is very common in developing world where leaders abuse their powers.

I would want to see the justice system in some countries especially in my country change for the better. The poor people here lose cases at the preliminary stage because of police and state attorneys taking bribes.

I would want to see politicians who commit crime be punished for their crimes so that they become a learning process. They should not abuse power and hide under the law. Impunity must come to an end so that people of this world live in harmony. This is the world I would want to create and live in and also leave it for other future generations.

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