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The Author

The Author

I have discovered the reason for every reason. I was impossibly confused at firs. I didn’t know what to think as well. In this book lies the answer to every question and the question to every answer. But I will disapprove every theory about disbelief so I do not urge anyone to read it. But if you insist on reading it… to fully comprehend the meaning it holds, you must be devoid of all human selfishness and pride. The reason for writing this book is the reason for reading it and the reason for reading this book is the reason for believing. Simple minds will not comprehend because to comprehend will be to disapprove the term simple minds. Anyone who understands will be the one who I truly owe for writing this book.


What if there’s a reason for every reason?

What if there’s a reason for the way everything is the way it is? And what if that reason was that everything is the way it is? So what if at the end of this chapter I give you reasons as to why everything is the way it is, proof too? Would that be reason and proof that there’s a reason for as to why everything is the way it is?

‘Silence means yes’ so I guess silence means yes and that’s a reason for that reason. But silence is just obedience and blasphemy, all in one. For admitting either would mean admitting the other and a reason can’t be right if the answer is wrong.

There’s a reason for every reason and that includes why everything is the way it is.
Why are flies fast? To them, it’s because we are slow and to us, no one cares. So what if I told you that being slow is the only way to be fast? You would think I’m smoking weed. But if I’m smoking weed, and I’m moving in slow motion and I told you that I had a reason for every reason, would you believe me? See, now that’s the reason for being slow. If you think this is wrong, you are an idiot.

What if all evil is good, what if everything is as it is supposed to be? Simplicity is everything, so does that mean that everything is simple? What do you think the face of God looks like? How many of us would recognize him if we saw him? Why does a priest tell you to do as he says and not what he does? Why do we seek complex answers for the easy questions? What if murder is wrong because its right as there has to be a reason for a wrong can’t be wrong twice, so it’s right? Am I losing you? There is no wrong or right, only consequences. No right has ever been done for the wrong reasons.

If it’s wrong its wrong, its wrong, never why because the answer is right. And if it’s right its right, never wrong because wrong is wrong, never right but only because it’s never why. So why? You can’t kill a person twice, but you can shoot that person twice to get double the satisfaction for killing him. Is that true, is it true that one times one gives two? No, yet you just shot the fellow twice for double the satisfaction yet the death is still one. This means that two is equal to one, do I make sense? If I do, you can move on to the next chapter. And if I don’t, please use this last explanation.

I used my name for the title of this book, do you know why? Because it is not my name, its the title of this book. Therefore my name is not the title of this book. They only look alike because the title of this book is my name. Perception is everything. There are different trends in the world today, its getting harder and harder to believe that we all have a reason for being here because most of us do not feature in the cast or credits. You think I’m lying? You are an idiot. Get a day off, go to the park and observe the different people there, their way of life which is different from your way of life you will diss.

Some you will admire, those who you think are above your standards, so would it surprise you that some of those look up to you? and the ones you under look, the ones you call the crazies will appear to be happier than you who thinks is normal, and even under look you just the way you under look them? And then there are those of us, who want to die literally. Perception is key, if I want to die literally, why not kill me literally? If the people you belittle were to live your way life, they would possibly like it, they only hate it now because they envy it.

And if you were to live theirs, you would probably kill yourself because you wouldn’t be able to take on all that amount of suffering that shadows their way of life, now you choose to overlook them, it’s only because you are the weak one, the proud one who is incapable of remorse and understanding.

Who was Jesus, really? He knew that people would fight over the kingdom of his father, and as a result, the strong and powerful would triumph at the expense of the weak, but everyone deserves a shot at the kingdom of heaven because salvation is granted to those who seek it. So he said that the kingdom of heaven is for the children. But I’m telling you, equal opportunity is unreal, the kingdom of heaven is close to those with power and money, and I don’t mean this literally.

The poor will need money to be happy, because heaven is close when you are happy but with money, they will be immoral, and we know how that ends. So if no one is strong enough to fight the greater temptation, they will stay poor, but poverty has many temptations all the other temptations in fact can and will be attributed to poverty. Without the money, you will kill and be immoral to get it and we all know how that ends. In heaven, children are kings because heaven is fair.

On earth, children are kids because earth is evil and to escape this unfairness, you will need obedience not just silence the reason for moving on to the next chapter.


Chapter two; Obedience.

I hope by now we all believe that there’s a reason for every reason? If you do, you have now found obedience and if you still don’t, stop reading this. Go back to silence and figure out why there’s a reason for every reason.

That’s one of the reasons why there’s a reason for every reason. If you did not believe that there’s a reason for every reason you would have stopped reading this when I told you to stop. So what’s belief without sight? Embrace it, you believe that you would never have found out that. You believed that there was a reason for every reason you believed in.

There is a reason for every reason you believe in.  If you still believe there’s no reason for every reason, go back to the beginning. If you do not believe that there’s a reason for every reason, stop reading this. Blessed, that’s a reason for reading and believing in each of these reasons for all are one and one is none. Two for example is a result of addition, division, subtraction, and multiplication.

But multiplication leads to greed.Two seeks to address the reason for everything and for everything, the answer will forever be two.
1 x 1 = 2 is wrong, 1 x 1 = 3 on the other hand is so wrong it’s a myth in wrongs, but not impossible. You do not agree? But I just made it possible, when I wrote 1 x 1 = 3, did the 3 not appear on my screen?

And if it did, why still think it’s impossible? Everything that’s Impossible is possible, nothing is truly impossible. It’s only impossible because it never was intended to be possible. But that doesn’t mean there’s not such a possibility in reality. Watch this, when there is no truth, it’s because the truth is a lie. “Lies being true being lies” Have you ever wondered why everything is the way it is?

Well I tell you today, there are no such things as luck or chance, only things like destiny and fate exist. Think of what you are doing now, and ask yourself, why this particular sitting position, why this exact drink or why this strange color? Why indeed? Yet there are many other ways and things you could be doing at this particular moment in time.

I could be sleeping. But I’m not am I? But when I think about it, I like sleep, more than God. Yes, why else am I in bed on a Sunday morning? I’m just up because I’m obedient, there is no free will, just illusions of free will dwelling amongst reality. If you could do something else, why are you not doing it? Choice? If it there’s choice and free will, why can’t you change your previous actions? Because, it’s Impossible.

Well how come you can change your decision before taking an action and choose to take a different action? Because it’s possible, that’s why.

In here, I hope we all believe that there’s a reason for everything because in the next chapter, we will find out that there’s a reason for every reason without a reason, as if that makes sense.

Last chapter; Blasphemy.

I believe there’s no reason for every reason. Simply because if there was a reason for every reason, no reason wouldn’t be a reason at all. But I believe that for one to have no reason as an answer to any question is just stupid. Most people say no reason for no reason, Fools! The first question I would shoot to such a person would be, if there really wasn’t any reason, why give no reason as a reason?

The myth about random choices in life, we believe we can make our own choices, that there is no such a thing as fate. But the answer is right in front of your eyes. God made man in his own Image. If you believe such a statement, then there’s no reason for further explanation, you are an Idiot because this is blasphemy, why are you reading this? So does that mean that men are gods? If you do not agree with that statement, then you are an Idiot, man was created in God’s image, that’s like saying God is no God and that’s blasphemy. So if men are gods, why is it evil for them to kill?

Remember, denying one step means denying the previous one because everything happens for a reason. Planes wouldn’t fly if they couldn’t, so saying that a plane doesn’t fly is just stupid. Saying that what I’m writing is wrong or untrue wouldn’t make sense because this is blasphemy, the last chapter, how can it be wrong or untrue? So that means you agree that everything is connected and fate does exist. If you still don’t believe in fate, you are blind, because I just showed you fate.

The pastor who called this blasphemy is still reading it, why? Because its not blasphemy, it is the truth. But he thought this was wrong and untrue because men are not gods and this is God’s work? Again that’s blasphemy and this is not blasphemy, why not? Because the pastor is still reading it, you idiot! I believe there’s no reason for every reason just as there’s a reason for every reason, but in this case, no reason is the reason. But I said there’s no reason for every reason, is that blasphemy? Yes, there’s no reason for every reason is blasphemy, the last chapter and if you still haven’t made up your mind. This is your last chance.

I love music. I have more than 500 songs on my phone, most are illegal and that’s true. I like shuffle play because all the other modes of play are predictable and I know the song that follows the song that’s going to come on when I play the music.

There is no such a thing as shuffle, actually, there is, I’m looking at it. But its not random. There’s an algorithm in the phone that makes it play songs as if they are randomly selected. That’s blasphemy, actually its not. Well I guess I’m insane, man made it that way so it could play as if the songs are random. The phone and every other device on earth is created in mans image, to help him with his chores and make him a better person. If you believe this, why is it so hard to believe that men are gods? It’s because a phone can not be a man, now can it? Then why did man create a phone? To talk with his fellow men but do the phones know this, do they know that they are a result of mans creation? Of course not? That would make them men and that is? …blasphemy! Yes, I know, the last pastor just left, why? Because this is the end you idiot! Now do you believe?

…the end


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