Get busy leavin…

Get busy leaving or get busy dying.

Get busy leaving or get busy dying is the situation prevailing in #Kenya from where I write this piece.

My team and I had our passports and luggage searched at least 19 times from the Busia border to the Kenyan Capital where an inhumane act of violence, terrorism and cowardice was committed against innocent Kenyan citizens yesterday morning.

I urge all Kenyans to remain united against such a horrible attack by cowardly enemies of Kenya. My condolences to families that lost loved ones and quick recovery to those injured.

May God be with, live with and comfort the families of those whose relatives, friends have fallen prey of this act of terror and may he give my Kenyan Brethren the strength they; we all need to fight till the last mad sheds the last drop of blood. Terrorism in this century is history so cliques like Al-Shabaab, Al-Qaeda et al are living & dwelling in the wrong generation.


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