Lessons learned… Season Finale

By Aruho Marwin Machiaveli  on Monday, May 27, 2013 at 10:20am


I try hard not to remember, like it doesnt even matter. Because so few things do. See, its not the problems we face in life that define our humanity. The unfolding events of my life in front of your eyes is proof enough that i’m insane. But whats insanity though? Einstein defined ‘insanity’ as doing the same thing over and over again expecting different results. So what does that make me? The only reason i have failed to move on is that am still motivated by the past. I just wish someone could explain to me why destiny can be so cruel, if there’s such a thing as destiny anyway cause am disinclined to follow that logic. I believe what i see and now i see that as much as i would like such a sophisticated reason, it alone wouldn’t be enough to ease the pain of your absense, to hold off this evil that has left a grief in my memory, to supress this sadness i have in my heart and which as you can see is reflected in these words.

…the reality is always hard to take in, especially if you try to find that same kind of love in a different person…

Recent studies on my own self have shown that am a very inpatient person. I also dont have much of a sense of humor and i most definately dont like people or things disappointing my patience. If you are reading this, you will understand.

I LOVE YOU. those three words have my life in them and you took it away from me. See you are a part of me now, and i couldn’t have been a better person without me. I know what all of you are thinking, just don’t call me cute, am hopelessly ‘insane.’

letters don’t take the pain away, but i think they can soften the blow. I don’t know about you but i’m just hoping for a happy ending. I guess its just the writer and me.

The end.


To the loving A.B


4 thoughts on “Lessons learned… Season Finale

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