In my time of dying…

by Aruho Marwin Machiaveli on Thursday, May 16, 2013 at 10:59pm

Ever been in denial? its not pretty business… Tragicaly, I was born without a personality… you will laugh later. What i hate most in life is not being alone, its being lonely, and thats what i have been getting lately, she wont even tell me she loves me anymore… but i think you still love me, and if its true, i’ll make fun of you. You know, you read a lot of things… forexample, did you know that love can alter perceptions, like how death is nothing to fear when you find love. I took me for a lot of things but not suicidally wreckless. I know am living on borrowed love and that its over for me, but i know that you could die without me. So i wont let go and i wont move on. Could be that am a sentimentalist but dont be sure. You killed a lot of evils that were so special to me, and i will forever love you for that. Everytime i was acting up, you would hug me and tell me that everything was going to get better, i should have been the one doing that. I put much pressure on your shoulders and you never complained, not once and yes, thats really me talking so you can note this down and get back at me later. But first, a sencere apology… You were right, am sorry that i never was the boyfriend i was supposed to be, i now understand why you thought that i never loved you, what am doing right now is just too little… its too late, i miss you, and i feel guilty as hell, and am not alright, not at all, but neither are you, that much i know. But if it changes anything, i think that you should know that i have blind faith in you.
#doctors got shocked yesterday when they found out that my heart has an extra ventrical (ignore my spelling) i call it the Bright eyes chamber of love…
# dont laugh


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