The Refugee Problem; The Impact of the refuge crisis on the Social, Political, Economic and Environmental situations in Uganda and Africa as a whole.

Photo by Alex Taremwa

By Alex Taremwa


With the increased political instability rocking African countries right middle and center, the has risen the persistent problem of dealing with the immigrants who flee their cross-fire nations to find a peaceful co-existence not only in Africa but all over the world. However civic it is for a country to provide comfortable asylum to masses that flee war-torn areas for purposes of social justice through setting up Camps and holding areas for the refugees, being a host of such masses also comes in company of long dominant effects that vast impact on the body politic and body economic of the host nation but little to those countries calculate the impact of such effects.

In writing this piece, I have visited the refugee camp set up by The Ugandan Government in conjuction with UNHCR in Rwamwanja, Kamwenge District Western Uganda that harbours over 2,000 refugees that fled cross-fire between M-23 Militants and the forces of the  neighbouring Democratic Republic of Congo in it’s west. I also have the re-settlement camp in Nakivaale, Isingiro District and many other IDC’s across the country always observing similar if not related issues that I found relevant to advance in debate.

All across Africa, be it Kivu in DRC, Cibitoke in Burundi, Kakuma in Kenya or Orukinga in Uganda there is great displacement and resettlement of people and topically separation of families. Even on the side of the refugees, I have been seeing child refugees who have never gotten a chance to glance at their parents who disappeared without a trace. This in itself causes a psychological effect that has affected the social rights of these children.

Adding to the arguments of social rights violation are female refugees who have continuously fallen prey and continue to be vulnerable to sexual assault. Women refugees have been subjected to horrifying cases of rape during their flights, on the arrival to countries of asylum by officials, local civilians and fellow senior refugees. All of this crime has created traumatic problems to these case women and particularly vulnerable according to increased researches have been Somalis and Rwandese.

The Refugee problem having encourages increased researches among scholars and regional databases established in different countries especially with the help of UNHCR and stimulating the formation of a number of NGO’s to cater and protect the needs and rights of the refugees respectively, very little success has been registered and the atrocities both against or by refugees are still going through the roof. In the DRC alone for example lies over 100 NGO’s all of which cater for refugee related issues but in the sole nation, the heck is breaking loose. How therefore do we ensure that there’s a long cultivated fabric of social justice yet the purportedly players are the ones abusing the justice instead?

 Across refugee camps in Africa, you might agree with me that pandemic of disease has seemed persistent especially due to congestion, poor feeding. A point in time if we might remember is the Cholera break out in DRC that negatively affected the Rwandese refugees between 1997 and 1999 causing great losses of lives. More deaths have been increasingly reported all over refugee camps in Africa basically due to lack or shortage of basic needs.

What even stimulates and acts as a lubricant for disease spread in the refugee I have studied is increasing population in the camps which is a result of idleness of the refugees hence involvement in too much sexual practices as a means of consolation and last resort. Of course given the fact that refugee camps are not sophisticated enough to have family planning methods and sexual education activities, we have the numbers multiplying with less surface area of occupation hence disease spread.

From the environmental point of view, the refugee problem has largely contributed to destruction of the eco-system in many parts of Africa. This is attributed to the need for firewood and wood for building which hence translates to unreserved exploitation of wood in the nearby forests or for that matter bushes. The resultant price paid has been deforestation, soil erosion, loss of natural habitats, precious tree species, depression and contamination of water resources. This is evident in Kenya, Sudan, Cameroon, Uganda and D.R Congo to mention but just a handful.

The additional consequences of environmental degradation has been defoliation in living conditions of refugees in completion between themselves and the local civilians for the scarce resources which has been a major blood birth for conflict and hatred by refugees in the countries of asylum hence violence against their livelihoods. This was observed in Sierra Leone against Liberians, Botswana, S.Africa and Malawi.

In the body politic, refugee problems have at times led to factions between African states. In some cases, authorities in countries of origin launch cross border attacks on refugee settlements or infiltrate refugee camps majorly to stir up conflict among the refugees. This in turn leads to chaotic resolutions where at times authorities in countries of asylum chose to deport or expel some refugees. Such cross border attacks have been common between Uganda and Rwanda, Rwanda and DRC, DRC and Sudan, etc. Refugee problems almost brought Uganda and Kenya to a blink of a war in the early 1990’s and the story has been similar between Uganda and Sudan.

In regular cases, some refugees involve themselves in subversive acts against their countries of origin. This scenario has been true among refugees of Rwanda to DRC and it was seemingly easy for DRC and UNHCR to distinguish between civilians and perpetrators of the 1990-1994 Genocide hence sooner or later the ex-combatants started inflicting violence against fellow refugees in the camps, mobilize arms and attacks against the Tutsi Government in Kigali hence fueling misunderstanding between DRC and Rwanda.

The refugee problem on the other hand has significantly contributed to the rule of justice in Africa where by International tribunals have been established to adjudicate trial against war criminals more especially the perpetrators of the Rwandan Genocide in Rwanda.


Also on the other side of the coin, the refugee problem has helped improve international relations between most countries in the Great Lakes Region, there are combined efforts sponsored by the United Nations through UNHCR, The Red Cross Organization to settle refugee problems for example in 1998, UNHCR organized a visit to 9 countries in the region through a meeting in Kampala, the Ugandan Capital. A number of other refugees have been repatriated from Uganda to Rwanda, DRC, TZ to Rwanda, TZ to Burundi, Sudan to Ethiopia and DRC to Rwanda.

The UNHCR has played an important role in setting up schools, health centers training women and children in addition to construction of other infrastructure for example in DRC, over 40 bridges have been built, over 20 Health Centers and an operating theater. On the peace imitative (diplomatic relations), the Arusha peace accord on the Burundi and the Lusaka cease-fire agreement for DRC have highly been sponsored by UNHCR.

Economically discussing, the refugee problems has led to great strains in budgets of African countries. Refugees are usually unemployed and violent. This leads to a number of seminars with in the countries of asylum and even the A.U has addressed the refugee problem from that aspect.  Other African countries find themselves spending some substantial amounts towards the refugee problems which leave them with huge debts to cover hence economic constraints.

The bottom-line therefore is that th causes, consequences of the refugee problem in Africa are closely related to Africa’s general backwardness. It is partly a neo-colonial phenomenon by which advanced countries continue to encourage conflicts with in Africa so as to continue selling their arms and ammunitions.


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