“I put “forced” in inverted commas because often, Western NGOs, journalists and academics have a common agenda with their governments based on a shared attitude, values, interests and norms. The result is that threats of aid cuts force governments of poor countries to respond by working to please aid givers rather than their own citizens. Thus, although Western governments, journalists, academics and activists are the leading self-appointed vanguards in the cause of democracy in our countries, the effect of their actions is to undermine democracy. Aid is the vehicle through which the interests of the donors are placed above the interests of citizens” wrote my mentor Mr. Andrew Mwenda in his column ” The Last Word” in his publication The Independent Magazine. Andrew Mwenda’s Column
After I read this, I drove me back in time when an Entrepreneur from Uganda’s Quality Chemicals was being interviewed by a BBC correspondent in Arusha. The correspondent sounded that she wanted certain answers from him. She kept cutting him short as he was always trying to bring up a point against her will and this portrayed the aspect that Andrew is pin pointing at.
What’s hurts me that even the African media are also adopting the aspect of whistle blowing; as it appears western capitalism instead of shielding African states from such policies that not only back -hold us but also deprives us of our independence that our Great fathers fought so hard for.

While being interviewed, THE CEO Quality Chemical defined Aid as “A financial loan that will make future aid unnecessary” which looks to me as the direct opposite given the Situation in Rwanda.

In a period of a week, close to 5 donor countries have cut aid to Rwanda due suspicion that it’s got a hand in the violence apparently in Eastern Congo where a militia branded M-23 under the command of Gen. J.B Ntaganda is staging a massacre which is a threat not only to DRC by the way but to the rest of the countries in the Great Lakes region including Rwanda itself, Uganda and South Sudan and maybe Burundi. I’m mentioning only these since they geographically neighbour DRC. It would be hard for M-23 to fly to Kenya or TZ in this case.

So The US, The Netherlands, German and other fellow capitalists decided to cut aid to Rwanda after a Low level official in the US threatened to charge President Kagame under the ICC for war crimes and crimes against humanity.

Why I’m I saying this;
1. Amidst such turmoil, no African media had published or broadcast a story sympathetic to Rwanda that not only lost half the country’s population in a 90 day genocide & is instilling a security measure against the same. All I read is Kagame under fire.
2. No media has advised the western powers on the aspect that they’ve made a grave mistake. Why isn’t USA with other NATO countries facing ICC charges for attacking distant countries that if I started naming right now, I would get done at midnight. Libya was thousand of miles from any of these countries that cut aid to Rwanda. How far is it from Amsterdam, Berlin or New York to Tripoli or Benghazi that prompted America to come all the way do whatever it did that Rwanda can’t have on Rebels who are just a stone throw from it’s border?
3. Let’s say German and Netherlands didn’t take part in Libya but still how far is it from New York, Amsterdam,  Berlin or London to Kabul ( Afghanistan ) or Islamabad (Pakistan ) where these countries attacked just because 2 buildings had been taken down in a terrorism act that Rwanda can’t have on people who may be attempting to murder another million of Tutsi or Hutu extremists in another genocide?
4. Why isn’t any African media asking ICC why it’s putting so much emphasis on charging African leaders and citizens as if it’s one of the principles of it’s formation yet America’s Barack Obama another African man by origin has bombarded Pakistan, Iraq and Afghanistan more than any other American President in American foreign policy history and is apparently aiding Rebels in Syria? Why?
5. How come no one is asking or talking about the everyday Drone attacks in Pakistan where civilians and innocent have gone an accounted for?
6. Why isn’t anyone drawing a comparison between Rwandan President H.E Paul Kagame and The United States of  America’s H.E Barack Hussein Obama to find who has played a great and significant role in destabilizing peace in countries where they have no jurisdiction?

Sometimes I wish the parties for which this article is meant for actually read it. Can someone tag President Obama in this post? The point is;
I don’t know, we actually don’t know when and whether Africa will ever exercise the Independence that The Kenyattas’ The Nkrumahs’ and the rest of our Nationalists actually shed blood for? All of this modern day slavery in form of Aid and Democracy with ill inner intention make me desire the Leadership of Leaders Like President Robert Mugabe of Zimbabwe whose heart has no room for Western Ideology tolerance even amidst poverty, sanctions, high inflation rates and power struggles. We’re better off that way than a way where even a Chicken thief Judge in France under Sackozy’s Presidence has the audacity to Sermon Officials in Rwandan Government and could even sermon President Kagame or any other African Head of State whenever they had sex or are high on Champagne they buy with from African Resources as return in wards of the Aid.



  1. What actually kills is that after Andrew Mwenda penned the article down, I met an editor reading it and he said to me.

    Alex; look what you’re Rwandan Public Relations Officer wrote today?
    After like 7 successful praises of Rwanda by Andrew in a series of how writings, drawing comparison for local examples from the infrastructure of Rwanda to Uganda? Andrew officially became Kagame’s John Nagenda.

    But I can assure you that everyone can see this, it crystal clear that we’re being stripped naked of our morals and values evidenced by the homosexuality threats after Bahati introduced his bill in Parliament, our independence by being forced to adopt Western systems of politics branded democracy and being back-held in poverty by Aid. What I’m not sure about is, Do we have an escape route?


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