A BAR TALK: Last night, I was called by a friend and Editorial Assistant for a night out where we would have some time to ourselves and discuss things outside office and sip a few cold ones.
So I didn’t have to object; besides, it was a Friday. We then hit one of the biggest party areas in Mukono along with 2 “girlfriends” (gramatical context) of ours that offered to keep us company.
As we were amidst a debate about Law, two Guys seated directly proportional to us all crossed legs.
This seemed strange to these two girls which prompted me to commission an inquiry into the matter. I was told that it’s abnormal for a Guy to scissor cross their legs in Africa; reason being that it had a secondary meaning which wasn’t told to me.
She ( my source) added that it’s more than just crossing legs when a guy does it while talking to a person of the opposite sex.
This cost us about 17 minutes of discussion until I decided to inquire from our fellow Friday night out fellow we met at the Bar about the same and this was what they had to say.
Stuart : That’s so perverse, I cross my legs oftenly for purposes of comfort, while reading papers and other literature.
Meddie: A Muslim, apparently fasting said it’s one’s choice to sit in whatever posture they please for as long as they’re comfortable with it. Stuart interrupted with a supplement that before the whiteman intervention, cross legging was abnormal but the things changed with the erosion of traditional values through colonization and importation of western ideologies into the Africans.
Shallon: Streamlined the issue that when a Guy is discussing with a girl and he crosses his legs, the lady might take it that the Guy is erect or turned on.
As a widely learned fellow, I can’t conclude the argument with just a palmful of assumptions which is why I’m asking any of you with the right African knowledge and perspective to give me some other justification on the matter.



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