Leadership is not a profe…

Leadership is not a profession, it’s just responsibility. Luiz Inácio Lula da Silva

This morning as i tried to figure out what I was gonna have for breakfast, I figured out an idea that a “Rolex” would be cool. Rolex is the Ugandan term to mean an egg roll so I walked straight to the stall to place an order and the manufacturer call him specialist was done in just a few minutes and so my breakfast was set. I had developed this tendency of unwrapping packages to read what’s on the wrappers since Ugandan local business people seldom buy professional wrapping paper or packaging material. they just get whatever they find and make wrapper out of them.

This time it was kinda different from what i expected. It was an authentic February 2011 Presidential Ballot paper that only The Electoral Commission can have or ought to have. This was a shocker by the way so I was like so this is it. This is how the polls were rigged massively; the problem is the citizens place their trust in the hands of the wrong people who don’t deserve the trust, they are wicked.

I was wondering why Dr. Besigye the Leader of the major Opposition party in Uganda and his coalition team the IPC were pushing for the impeachment and exit of Mr. Kiggundu the current Chairman of the Electoral Commission who was recruited to make sure that the NRM never loses. He’s one person I’m never gonna trust again; he’s responsible for the extended rule of these people over decades. When shall we ever get transparency in this country or Africa as a whole.

When the former Brazilian President Ex- Lula Da Silva was stepping down by will, he mentioned one thing that the rest of the leaders especially on the African continent need to take note of. Leadership is not a profession, it’s just responsibility. When people appoint you their leader, it doesn’t become your job, they have just given you responsibility to conduct your duties on their behalf. Then why do you then force yourself unto then, it’s like rape.


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