Speak of the devil, what kind of divine misconception is this? Every day when I go to pray, I make sure I send a bit of my prayer to Bududa so that God can help the area rejuvenate it’s production pace just as Japan is slowly recovering from the tsunami’s attack but the more that I try, the more stuff backfires at me. I just read about the cholera attack on the area following a massive Exodus of doctors amidst a breathtaking deaths of people. Due to my charisma and enthusiasm, I’m personally starting a self styled donation not to be mistaken for the kony 2012, this so indigenous to be exaggerated. Country men, willing or non willing, I find it completely useless to always see ourselves as so poor to even afford a Mac Donald’s doughnut. We don’t to always focus on aid to resolve issues even at a domestic level, the earlier we realized the capability in us, the better. We can’t let our comrades perish as we wait for international bodies such as Red cross to intervene yet we too have a role to play. Let’s who the essence of the Red color in our flag not only theocratically but on a practical ground. To Bududa is where we are heading and let’s see the depth we can go.


3 thoughts on “DEVIL’S CURSE TO BUDUDA

  1. Hello for a superb recite I am experiencing issue with the rss though? Don’t know why Not capable to subscribe to it. Is near someone getting identical rss problem? Anyone who knows kindly counter. Ta


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